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A.L. Hooke

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Daughter of the Antediluvian World:

An Atlantis Origin Story

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Daughter of the Antediluvian World: An Atlantis Origin Story - Available in eBook and pape





An exceptional story with a soothing familiary, yet an intriguingly fresh storyline all at the same time. I found myself riveted from start to finish, as I quickly turned page after page, following Ryan Heliconia Jones' pursuit of the truth. 

The characters, setting, and plot are all very well developed. So well developed, in fact, that I found myself looking up various "facts" along the way to discern whether they were truly fiction...or perhaps real! I highly recommend this book and can't wait to read more by this author. 


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What a fun origin story! I loved the author's interpretation of where Atlantian people are hidden in our current world.


I loved the magic and mystery, the character development, and all the different locations the book took place in. I like that each destination had its own section within the book too, I think it helped with navigating the world, such a great touch!


I enjoyed the ending, though I need more! When will the next book be out?!

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This novel will pull you in from the beginning and keep you intrigued and engaged till the end. For anyone who has a past unsettled, they will easily relate to the main character, Ryan, in her quest to resolve hers. She moves through her journey with intelligence and fortitude, but a very human vulnerability. A.L. Hooke seamlessly weaves snippes of historical and science fiction, mystery, and, yes, romance, into this action story. The ending may surprise you and leave you wondering if Ryan's journey is over or just beginning. 

Burnt Sienna
"Imaginitive and Exciting"
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A.L. Hooke

A. L. Hooke spent years as a journalist and copywriter before lacing up her hiking boots and venturing into the dense jungle of fiction writing. She developed her first character in the third grade and spent much of her young (and not so young) life dreaming of ancient civilizations and lost treasures. An avid outdoor enthusiast with an unquenchable wanderlust, many of Hooke's own travels and bucket list locations are the inspiration for her stories.

Her debut science fiction action-adventure novel, Daughter of the Antediluvian World: An Atlantis Origin Story, seeks the source of one of her favorite myths: The Lost City of Atlantis. After dipping her toes into the wilds of fiction, Hooke is now working on her first series as well as her own copy and content consulting business alongside her very tolerant husband in Raleigh, North Carolina.



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